Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bad Form: The Twisting of Jesus' Teaching to Justify Abusive and Criminal Actions

UPDATE: Bad Form: The Twisting of Jesus' Teaching to Justify Abusive and Criminal Actions
10/17/2016 UPDATE: Apparently, the church that is the subject of this post has taken advantaged of the fact that I did not name them as an additional source of the trouble in the neighborhood. For this reason they have spread their maliciousness to my church. However, I am not surprise, and I believe my church will discover soon enough that the members of King & Queen Christian School, 3900 5th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713, which is part of a Latter Day Saint Church that is housed in the same building, are the source of much of the problem on my avenue and other places in the neighborhood. 

More importantly, and to my knowledge King & Queen Christian School and their church are the only religious organization that I have ever known to have committed crimes of slander, incite other neighborhood troublemakers and regular residents to stalk, harass, attempt robbery, and cause physical violent on the residents on this avenue school/church sits simply because we the residents want to go about our daily lives without this school/church interferences. We, like every other resident in this neighborhood have the right to  protect ourselves and our properties from such corruptible influences.

As I have stated many, many times before, the problems we are having with King & Queen Christian School and their church are ones we share with other residents as well and is not problems based on religious beliefs. These problems arise because King & Queen Christian School and their church and the other mentioned  troublemakers want to control and disrupt our lives for their own purposes.

I have written this update because I do not want any other religious organization believing that they are the target of this post. They are not. 

----Original post---- 

This post applies to King & Queen Christian School, their church, and the troublemakers they associate with alone.

In today's post, I am writing on a worn out subject that was brought to the forefront in a statement that I found truly disturbing and totally untrue. 

It was a statement from someone about the teaching of Jesus.  

Although I  am not adding the statement, and it has as of this writing been removed, one word in it was so disturbing that it showed me that the person who wrote it either has not read the bible thoroughly, has little or no understanding of the bible, or is misquoting Jesus' teachings on purpose.

In essence, what the writer of the statement wrote was that Jesus came to earth to "correct" people. The way I understood the statement of this writer was that members of a religious sect have the right to "correct" other Christians by any means they dean necessary to control or subvert another Christian's own belief systems even if they are not a part of their sect. 

This is not what the bible states and it is certainly not what Jesus taught. Nowhere in the new testament will you find where Jesus said that Christians must be "corrected" or "punished" to follow Him.

However, you will find where Jesus scolded both Judas and Peter for wanting to use force and physical harm to get their way.  

So why would a modern church seek to twist Jesus' teachings, to punish, to slander, and even to ruin another Christian?

In my opinion, a church that practice 'correcting/punishing' people who disagree with them, or people they have victimized for their own gain, and then in turn run and hide behind "their" scriptures and not "Jesus" true teaching, should re-read the bible, enter some in-depth and non-bias religious studies, or shut down the church because it does not represent Jesus and is only a wolf in sheep clothing. 

Because, as it stands now, a church that wants to dwarf a people "free will" to choose who they follow and twist the teaching of Jesus around do lack true understanding of what Jesus sought and wanted for us. 

A church should be open to their members reading the bible in its entirely and re-reading it many times throughout their lifetimes, as well as truthfully answering their members questions on the scripture as written. 

Jesus wanted people to follow his teaching, but he never said they must follow or else. He wanted people use their "free will", their freedom of choice. He did not want people persecuted in his name, or people misusing his teachings. Moreover, he did not want people following false prophets, who certainly fall under those knowingly and willfully misusing his teachings. 

There are two paths, the devil's road and Jesus' road. Again, Jesus wanted people to choose, which road they wanted to follow, and he wanted them to do so of their own free will, and without being force in one direction or the other. 

Grant it, their of people out there that reject both of the two roads. 

However, that too is "free will".