Monday, August 31, 2020

Mary Garden Update: Jesus with Children

As you can see, it is a statue of Jesus with children. Regardless, of what anyone thinks, I love kids. My past work with kids and several of my web sites are proof of that.
Nevertheless, because this statue is lighter than I expected, I glued it two one of the edging stones, which is as close to the color of the statue as possible. I then placed it on top of one at the bottom and added more around the sides and the rear of the statue to create a mountain effect. The ivy vines are not real.  I know its cheating but I wanted to hide the open spaces between the placements of the stones. The tall flowers planted in the circle are lavender colored Ruellias and a red penta shrub. I transplanted them into the circle the other day, so they should all return to bloom soon.
The overall effect is beautiful and dramatic. 

Let me say this:

We are all Jesus children, the young, and the old. Some people in this modern age tend to believe or want others to believe that when we are older that only infants and small children matter in the eyes of Jesus. Well, they are wrong. We adults will always matter too. After all, weren’t we once his infants?

This article was first posted on my Seven Ninety Seven,  "Home Of The Bargain Queen" website, which is where all of the DIY projects are posted. To see the other Mary garden update click one of the links above.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Evelyn’s DIY ‘Mary Garden'

Recently, on my website Seven Ninety-Seven "Home Of The Bargain Queen", I wrote several articles about creating a Mary Garden. On that site, I wrote that the creation of the garden was my most ambitious DIY project to date. It has been a seven-month project that began with the removal of what appeared to be a decade of dry, dead oak leaves from the three trees back there.

Although never complete (I mean what garden is really complete) this garden was a labor of love in which my only helper was my husband, Stanley. I think we did well for an elderly couple both pushing toward age 70.

Now that the basic design of the garden is an actuality, I am looking forward to its continual growth and beauty. Below is a photo of Mother Mary in the garden. To see the progress of the whole garden that also a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, click the link above.