Saturday, December 8, 2007

Digital Art by Ted Larson and Mass Readings of the Recent Past

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 If I have not already done so, I want to introduce you to one of the best digital artist of religious artwork on the web today.  He is Ted Larson artist and creator of Digital Art by Ted Larson. You will find Ted's work by either clicking the pervious link, whichwill take you directly to his site, or by clicking this link Bridging Faith Through Art , which will take you to his art that is displayed on my site. All of his work is unframed, but he has given me premission to enhance it.           

Daniel 6:21-22 The Lions Den by Ted Larson

In addition, the entries below are a collection of old Mass Readings moved from the new "A Catholic's Life" web site.  The new entries on the new site began with the "First Sunday in Advent", and is now archived there. This week's entries is the "Second Week of Advent. Each of these the entries for these Holy of holy Sundays will be found on the new site until this Christmas season is done. 

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