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Johnny V - The Boy, The Man, and The D.J. – An interview

Johnny V.Clements
To my readers and as promised, I have interviewed Johnny V, a former announcer of radio Spirit FM 90.5, and who just before Christmas returned to the northern state of Illinois to become the afternoon host and program director on 101 QFL -100.9 FM radio.


Johnny V - The Boy, The Man, and The D.J. – An interview

Good Afternoon Johnny V,

Now that you have made the move, how does it feel to be home again and surrounded familiar faces and places?
With a family as large as mine, and I’m sure the listeners heard me mention that my mom was the oldest of 18 kids, which is why I probably ended up as an only child sitting in a closet talking to myself on my pretend radio station.
Many know you as Johnny V. Some even know you as Johnny Vincent.  But we all would like to know you by your full name. So what is it J.V., who is Johnny V, really?
My full name is Johnny Vincent Clements. My grandfathers were named John and Vincent so I wanted to honor them with the name Johnny Vincent, but that eventually got shortened to Johnny V. by all of my co-workers when I started in radio.

When and where were you born?
Born In Terre Haute, Indiana…June 15 1982

What was growing up like for young Johnny V?  Has faith always been a motivating force in your life? Beside your religious influences, who in your family was you greatest motivator?
As an only child, I was with my parents a lot while they led the church choir every week. From the time I was five, I sung Silent Night at every midnight mass. I was always around when my parents had their adult friends over for dinner parties. So, besides break dancing on the street corners of Terre Haute, I grew up around adults, and I would have to say undoubtedly that both of my parents were my greatest motivators.

What event in your like inspired you to become a radio announcer? How did you know that this was the right decision (path) for you? 

 When I was 6 years old, we got back from midnight mass and found our house robbed. All of our gifts under the tree opened and gone. The house ransacked. But, as we began cleaning up, I noticed a little gift box that the robbers had missed and that it was for me. It was a Donnie and Marie Osmond wireless microphone, which I used over and over. It was the best gift I ever got for Christmas because it would allow me to talk through the AM radio and pretend I was really on the radio. I was hooked from there.
Which radio broadcasting schools or academies do think prepares young would-be announcers for life behind the mike? Which one did you attend and why?
 I went to Vincennes University between Evansville and Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s one of the best broadcasting schools in the country with a five student run radio stations and a student run TV station that would have a local student operated newscast every night. When I was still in high school, I was working in radio and gaining real world experience. After making the dean’s list and tutoring 2nd year students at Vincennes University, I took a full time job in Evansville at a Country station because I realized that experience was much more important than education in the radio field.
How easy is it to be a radio announcer now as oppose to 10 – 15 years ago? 

It’s actually easier with the technology that assists you to do more as a single operator. It changes for the better every year. 10-15 years ago, you had to have a board operator, producer, many assistants, etc. With today’s technology, I can sit in the studio alone and make a show sound like there is a room full of people with me

Why don’t radio announcers spent more than 4 hours behind the mike and what kind of things do they do when off the air? Events? Fundraisers? ETC?
The four-hour shift has a lot to do with the ratings system (ARBITRON) which rates the shows by the following shifts: 6-10am / 10a-3pm / 3p-7p / 7p-12a, etc. So that is pretty much why they have continued to stay in those slots. Off the air, as a program director, I wear many hats. I’m involved in station promotions, music scheduling, meeting with the sales team, doing live broadcasts on-site at businesses, charities, concerts, etc. My day begins at 9am and ends around 7:30-8pm.

Have you ever consider another field of work? If so, what field and what do you find special about it?  
I have never actually thought about doing anything but a radio related job. However, I would love to branch out someday so that I can reach more people and let them know how great Christian music really is.
Why Christian music over mainstream music?
Because of the vulgarity in mainstream music and the type of promotions and events we were asked to do, it was a struggle to live the life I knew I should be leading.  

I think Contemporary Christian music and some Country Christian music make a good mix. What do you think? What’s your favorite mix?
I use to work in Country music and a lot of the music was very positive and uplifting. I think that there will be a Christian Country station if not a daily segment on a radio station that will feature all Christian / country music
Who are you favorite music artists?
Toby Mac, Skillet, Family Force 5, Michael W.Smith
How often do you log-on to And do you interact with the regular members there? 

Usually a couple of times a week. I try to email the listeners back who take time to email me. This keeps you on a personal level with your listeners. This is one of the great things about the new technology. It makes it easier to keep the “one-on-one” contact with your listeners.
Why as oppose to His Holy Space 

At 101QFL, we have a relationship with Shoutlife. Our morning show host, Darren Marlar, is the #1 most listened to comedian on Shoutlife. Not really a reason why I’m not on His Holy Space. I need to schedule a time to reply to one or more sites. 

Tell us about 101QFL? What of its mission?
QFL is not owned by a single denomination like SPIRIT-FM, which allows us to promoting ourselves to more than just the Catholic faith. We don’t push a certain religion but let God guide each individual while acting as a positive voice in the community. Unlike SPIRIT-FM, we can attend events like the Luis Palau Festival that drew over 100,000 youth who were looking for more spirituality in their life. 
Tell us about your new founded friends/co-worker
Just like the great family I had there in Tampa, I have another team here at 101qfl.

When you were here you have flirted with the idea of marriage. Have you found your girl and tie the knot? 

Not Yet…But I have done a recent promotion here that was a search for a mate from Chicago but it just became a friendship
Yours leaving the Tampa Bay area was a sudden surprise to many of your fans. If the answering the following question is not too personal, could you tell us why the unexpected departure?

Because my listeners trusted me with their prayer requests, sadnesses, and joys, I felt like I had a personal relationship with each and every one of them. So, I was told my services were no longer needed.
Well Johnny, this humble interviewer wants to say thank you for share your time, experiences and most of all you talent with us when you were here in the sunshine state. We miss you and wish you the best of God’s blessings. 

Thank you.

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